Rental System

libreja offers a lending management system consisting of features like lending and return of media, reservations, tracking and extending the loan period.


  • In order to lend a material, you must identify the user and the copy. The easiest way is to use the barcode scanner (see barcode scanner). Alternatively, the customer's name or the id of a library card may be entered manually. Auto-completion makes this very easy.
  • The predetermined loan period and the maximum number of the library media per user may have been set individually in the settings for each media type and / or any medium.
  • To map rental permissions, the so-called relations are available.


  • When a copy is taken back, it can be identified by a barcode or copy number.
  • You can also optionally provide the condition, in which the material is delivered (new, mint, used condition etc.). The current status is displayed, so that the evaluation of the condition can always be compared to the most recently acquired state.
  • For schools there is an optional warning, if textbooks were exchanged between two students.

Extension of the loan period

  • The loan period of a borrowed media can be extended quickly and easily. For this purpose, only the copy number must be specified, then the copy can either be extended to the default period or at any other time entered manually.


  • Copies can be tracked at any time by entering the copy number, for example, to clarify the status of a lost and rediscovered medium.