Leisure Time Libraries


There are already special features to use in reference libraries. The pupils can even search and reserve books on computer in the OPAC and see in their personal reader account when they need to return back the borrowed books.

Of course, all other features of a Presence Library, like reminders and automatic notifications are available.

Antolin interface

Antolin is a portal available on the Quiz questions about children's books. These students can answer online. It combines learning in school with reading at leisure and offers teachers information about text comprehension and reading performance of students. By earning points, students are motivated to read. libreja provides an interface, so any book that is listed in Antolin, will be marked in the catalog and webOPAC. In addition, displays how many times the book has been read in Antolin and offered a link to Antolin-page of the book. Also a limitation of the search to books that are listed in Antolin is possible.

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