Inventory software with lending modules

 With the Inventory module, libreja is a user-friendly inventory software that meets the following requirements:

  • Management of equipment, technical tools and IT components (and other fixed assets)
  • Inventory directories at different locations
  • Inventories can be carried out using barcode scanner or RFID
  • Storage of documents, e.g. for contract management, invoices, maintenance, insurance and rental contracts, etc.
  • Temporary or permanent allocation or lending of inventory to employees
  • Optional management of calibrations with calibration intervals with notification function
  •  Any number of workstations with different access rights

An import from Excel tables for data transfer is easily possible. For more extensive data migrations we offer individual services for a smooth transition.

Further benefits:

  • Multi-site support through multi-client capability
  • Individual adjustments
  • Printing of individual inventory labels, if necessary with company logo and barcode, using a label printer