Label printing / receipt

With libreja you can create directly from the software both labels for your media as well as receipts for delivery to your readers.


For printing, there are two variants:

Your own on-site printer 

With the label printer, labels or receipts can be printed:

  • Barcode labels with copy-number for loan
  • Signature labels for the book spine to identify the books
  • Printed Receipt for readers

We design your labels according to your wishes! We also could connect label printer with your system. You can then simply print your designed labels.

Also, receipts for your users can be individually designed and printed with this printer.


Printing service

We deliver ready-printed, consecutively numbered labels. We would like to consider your design requirements. The labels usually contain an owner name and a consecutive number as a barcode. The labels are adhered in the media recording and linked by the barcode scanning with the title.

 If you are already using barcode labels, we can also advise you on the possibilities to use them together with our system without having to replace them.