Lending System

libreja is a lending and rental system which is suitable for all applications, where are temporarily borrowed holdings.

Possible fields of application are:

  • Inventory
  • warehouse Management
  • Archive management
  • Rental Equipment, etc.


  • Individual configuration of the metadata / data entry screens
  • Labeling means labeling
  • Manage different file formats (fields) in different libraries / archives
  • Custom field types such as Selection fields, date fields, auto-completion, free text fields etc.
  • Configurable dropdowns, default values, definition of mandatory fields
  • Borrowing from barcodes or RFID
  • Possibly integrated into corporate intranet and access to their own IT systems
  • Leave related documents and files to the module Digital Documents

Our customers in this area

  • In-house archives
  • Lending systems for universities
  • Equipment rental (for companies and universities)