The relations indicate which user group is allowed to borrow books of a specific category. The determination of this rental allowances is based on user groups and the categories of media.

Example: Learning Resource Management

This function is especially useful in education management and Learning Resource Management.

In this case the grades are called groups. Categories are the relevant school subjects. Thus it can be determined which classes have borrow which textbooks and which books can be lent optional.

Groups and categories can be created individually.

The assignment of the categories to the individual groups can now be matched. This is done in a matrix which displays groups and categories. Categories can be easily released with a mouse click for different groups. There are three sharing options:

  • green means, that the book has to be borrowed
  • yellow means, that it may be borrowed
  • red means, that it can not be borrowed

If a user tries to borrow a book in a forbidden category, a warning appears and the lending process can not be carried out or only after manual confirmation (depending on settings).