Library card

The library's cards allow rapid and effective lending of the media to the reader. Further, the customized cards enhance the image of your library, since the user can identify more closely the library.

Reader passes can be supplied by You can determine the design of the cards individually.

Through the barcode on the lending of the media to the user can be carried out quickly and efficiently. We offer this on plastic cards in credit card format:

Customized printing

If you choose our service, the printing of the cards takes place automatically when you add new users in the system. Plastic cards include, depending on the desired name and first name and other personal data of the user.

Prefabricated cards

Alternatively we can offer the supply of prefabricated cards which can filled out for each reader by hand.

If you have already issued identity cards, we can also advise you on the possibilities to use them together with our system without having to replace the existing ID cards.