For hosting the software and your readers' and media's data, there are various options available:

Hosting at libreja

By default, the data are on the Libreja servers available, which means you only need a computer with Internet connection and can access from anywhere your library.

We host your library system default centrally on our servers. Alternatively we can offer you if necessary hosting of its own virtual machine to our server systems, as well as providing your own server for your library or on your library network. Please check our pricing an conditions of these hosting options. 

Hosting locally on a virtual machine

Similar to the preparation position of a virtual instance on our servers, we also offer the operation in a virtual instance at your place. Please contact us for an offer.

Hosting locally on dedicated server

Furthermore, we also like to install the software at your site on a dedicated server and provide you also the hardware for this purpose. Again, we will gladly make you an offer.