Offers for library software and lending systems


Fields of application

In addition to its use as a classic library software, libreja is also available in the following versions:

  • Equipment rental for companies and to students in universities
  • Archive management and lending files to employees in the company internal archives

libreja offers a fair licence model without limitations of the number of workstations:

  • Administration on any number of workplaces simultaneously
  • Support of the clients operationg systems Windows, Linus, MocOSX
  • Runs on all current browsers

libreja offers various optional modules for software and hardware:

Important functions of libreja

  • Collection of media: articles of all kinds
  • Automatic and manual title insert
  • Administration in the category/group system for usage and subject areas
  • Acquisition of links to any number of related media
  • User account management:creation of active and passive users (who are only activated for borrowing)
  • Rights management system for defining individual authorizations
  • Creating templates and statistics
  • Borrowing system by barcode, RFID or manually
  • Dunning: Notification of users and employees of loan period overruns
  • Connection of barcode scanners, RFID devices and label printers
  • Reservation function
  • Import function for user data from CSV files
  • Export function for media data in XLS format
  • Automatic text completion when typing during research (auto-completion)
  • Online search in the inventory catalogue with reservation/booking function
  • Clear colour coding of the availability of the hit display, which titles are currently available
  • Export and print function of the results