Catalog management and OPAC

The catalog management includes both the internal inventory management and an OPAC for searching by users and offers the following options:

  • Creation of new materials
  • Show online
  • Tracking of materials
  • Inventory management

When you create a new material, the data of the new books can be automatically completed through its ISBN or barcode. So, you do not need to know the author, title, etc. All you need is the ISBN! This feature saves time and typing. A cover image can be saved for each book.

Also, if you want to store the information in an Internet database, for example, if a material is on loan, so you can book directly online. There is also a comprehensive search function that can be integrated into your website if you wish.

Monitoring of material provides details such as title, author, publisher, category, etc.. You can also see who has taken this material, when and if the status of the material has changed.

In the "Inventory Management" , you can have all the materials in an updated list, showing which of them are currently available, lent, overdue or bookmarked.


A so-called Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC) provides the library collection via the Internet for interested users. So information about your inventory can be made public in an OPAC. Users can see whether a medium is on loan and reserve it directly upon request. Also, an extensive search and retrieval functions are available in the OPAC, which can be integrated into your existing website if necessary.

The research allows a free text search in all available fields, as well as a detailed research and a professional search with Boolean links.

  • Simple search (arbitrary text) in all fields
  • Advanced search in all relevant fields: e.g. title, author, ISBN, publishe, keyword, year of publication [from / to], price [from / to]
  • Boolean linking of search criteria with AND/OR/NOT conditions

The webOPAC may also be available under a separate domain or as part of a library network as a standalone portal.