International Standard Book Number

What exactly are ISBN-10 and ISBN-13?

ISBN-10 and ISBN-13

In order to identify books the International Standard Book Number (ISBN) is used. It used to consist of 10 digits, but due to the dwindling number space the ISBN-13 was introduced. Since January 1, 2007 the new ISBN-13 ist used.

Conversion of ISBN-10 to ISBN-13

Since the new ISBN-13 is a partial area of the EAN, existing ISBN are simply perfixed by the digit sequence 978. The last digit is a check digit, therefore this digit differs from the last digit of the old ISBN.

Usage on

If you are looking for books, you can use either ISBN-13 or ISBN-10. The search will delvider correct results in both cases. If you index older books, enter the number as indicated, preferably the ISBN-10. The ISBN-13 will be determined automatically. Hyphens and spaces do not need to be taken into account.