Options while lending

What is the 'option' field for?

The 'option' fields helps you to save additional informations about the temporarly location of the copy. This information will be reset when the copy is returned.

E.g.: To manage your learning aid go to AdministrationBasic settings and entet under the tab 'Copies' for example the options "Class room" and "at home". When lending a copy choose one of these two options to specify if the student takes his copy home or if he needs to leave it at school.

While editing your copies you can also set your options to "reference copy" or "archive". These two options will be set permanently and will lock the copy for lending. If the copy option will be changed to "reference copy" or "archive" whil it has been borrowed, the option will not be reset when the copy is returned.

→ see also p. 39 in the manual